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Champion Cheer and Dance Cathy Buckey

cathy-buckey-photo_0Cathy Buckey Founder, Owner, President of Champion Cheer & Dance which began as Champion Cheer Camps, Inc. in 1979. Just say the name Cathy Buckey in the cheerleading world and people immediately identify her with starting the college cheerleading explosion. A real innovator, Cathy is known for creating the Wolf Wall… one of the most difficult pyramids in cheerleading history. See below for some things you may not know about this competition icon.

• Started cheering at age 4 as a mascot for her father’s team, the Kenmore Bantams
• Cheered Pee Wee through College
• Taught summer camps for 5+ years
• Founder, Owner & President of Champion Cheer & Dance which began as Champion Cheerleading Camps, Inc, in 1979.
• Started 1st cheerleading competition in NC in mid-1980’s
• Founded Champion Cheer Gym in 1994 and continued as owner throughout 2002
• Founding member/Charter member of The Cheerleading Forum of America
• Featured in American Cheerleader magazine’s “Who’s Who of U.S. College & High School Cheer Coaches.”
• Choreographer before anyone knew what it was!
• Co-Commentator with Jim Lampley for NBC sports telecast of the NCA College National Championship
• Coached NCSU cheer team in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games
• 3-Time National Champion NC State head coach 1979-1998
• AACD’s ProBowl Performance Tour scholarship judge
• Keynote speaker at coaches conferences in Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina and national conferences for NCA, AmeriCheer, COA, CTC, ACDC’s, United Cheer Expo, Cheer LTD.
• Featured with NC State on TV’s “48 Hours”
• Originator of the Wolfwall as featured in the film “Bring It On” and as recognized by American Cheerleader Magazine’s “Top 3 Pyramids” in the course of cheerleading history

“I run Champion Competitions with the vast experience I have and from the prospective of a coach. I feel like I truly know what is needed to make everything fun, stress free and the best it can be!” – Cathy Buckey

Champion Cheer and Dance Competitions
Competition Name Dates
Champion Cup Nationals "Holiday Cheers to You"
Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh NC
Mid-Atlantic Richmond Championship
*, Richmond VA
"The All School Cheer & Dance" Championship
Dorton Arena, Raleigh NC
"Champions of The East" Championship
Dorton Arena, Raleigh NC
"Champions of the Midwest"
Wright State University, Dayton OH
All-Star States/Nationals Warm-up Challenge
Ellis F. Corbett Sports Center, Greensboro NC
Champion Cup Nationals "Cozumel - Mexico Cruise"
Carnival Cruise Line, Jacksonville FL
02/14/2015 - 02/19/2015
"Carolina Classic"
Charlotte, NC, Location Coming Soon!
Champion Cup Nationals-VA "March Madness"
Ted Constant Convocation Center, Norfolk VA
Champion Cup Nationals-OH "Ohio Spectacular"
The Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus OH
Champion Cup Nationals "Bahamas Cruise"
Bahamas Cruise, Charleston SC
04/12/2015 - 04/17/2015
"The One" Cheer and Dance Finals
Chicago, IL
04/18/2015 - 04/19/2015
"The One" Cheer and Dance Finals
New Orleans, LA
04/18/2015 - 04/19/2015

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